Critical Games: the workshop

During the past months I’ve been working as educator and designer in the planning and teaching of the workshop “Jocs Critics”, an educational experience for teenagers aimed at co-designing critical games. The workshop, supported by the “Art & Education” Award

Pico’s Adventure: A game for autistic children

During the past two years I’ve been working in the research, design and development of the project “Pico’s Adventure”. The project forms part of the M4all European project, aimed at developing games for children with intellectual and motor disabilities. In

Participatory Design with Autistic Children

The last year, as part of my PhD, I’ve been working in the development and teaching of Participatory Design workshops for children with Autism. Despite it is considered that children with special needs are often the population that can benefit


During the seminar “Xoy1 Digital Industry and Gender“, Manuela Acereda and I organized a workshop for prototyping minigames.  Starting from the question about “What a feminist perspective can bring  to the design of video games?”, the workshop had the objective


Design of an educational game based on full-body interaction to foster children’s understanding of Newton’s laws of motions. The project has been developed together with Antigoni Dimitratou,  Joan Mora and Narcis Parés. The project was aimed at helping children understanding concepts

Gusho V.2

A new version of the project Gusho, a reactive dress sensitive to electromagnetic pollution, created and produced with Cora Bellotto for the exhibition Invisible Design, Design Week, Milan. We improved the design, the shape and the functioning. Now the air compressor


DIY touch sensors were developed for the project Mapocci. The  novel system of sensors was constructed with “smart” textile to ensure the softness and smoothness of the toy. The sensors allow to identify the area of the touch and estimate the


Concept art and game design for a casual game for Android and IOS. In collaboration with Javier Urios Albeza. Make little berries slide down in a world populated by a bunch of strange and crazy cubic creatures! Actually under development..


The project “Cuinant TICs” is a workshop for women oriented at fostering their empowerment with digital technologies. The project, developed with, seeks to generate instances for sharing knowledge through the use of food preparation, as a metaphor of open


Cyborg Game is a research project developed with about the collective development of an urban game, based on Cyborg theory proposed by Haraway. The project was developed in two main stages: – a weekly workshop held in Hangar (Barcelona)

Mapocci- robotic companionship for affective communication

Mapocci is an interactive toy, designed to promote emotional learning and social communication in children. It’s functioning model is aimed at enhancing transmission of affects, narrative construction and communicative awareness. The toy is provided with a 3g connection that will enable distance communication and with a system of sensor and

GUSHO_ Reactive protective dress

Gusho is a project of Cora Bellotto and Laura Malinverni hosted and promoted by the 5th Cantiere Creativo MeltingPot Gusho, is a reactive dress sensitive to electromagnetic pollution. The project stems from the idea of exploiting and combining the material, cultural and


Archimedes from FBIL – CMTECH – UPF on Vimeo. In my thesis project, I had beendesigning and developing, together with Brenda López, David Altamira,José María Blanco and Joan Mora, the Archimedes educational application for the Interactive Slide. Narcis Parés was supervising this project. The project was aimed

Posible Imposible Machine

In collaboration with The machine, exhibited in Liwoli festival the Kunstuniversität Linz, born as a reflection on the limits of “human-computer-interaction” when compared with the richness and variety of possibilities offered by the interaction between humans. The machine works only when 9


In collaboration with Minipimer’s filescape is an installation in the exhibition SummerLAB-showcase in Laboral(Gijón). The installation takes the form of an infographic device that crosses and mixes the concepts of time, collage, fragmentationtion and subjective mapping with the construction of a narrative. The installation

TATTO_ Tangible Toy for children with Cerebral Palsy

  TATTO_ Tangible Toy for children with Cerebral Palsy developed with Ignasi Garcia-Milà, Lilia Villafuerte, Silvana Churruca TATTO is a prototype for a tangible toy for children with cerebral palsy. The aim of the project was to build a toy in


The workshop, organized with, has the goal of researching on the procedures and methodologies for collective creation. At the same time its aim is to develop an interactive installation, the possible impossible machine, which goal in to give an embodied


     MINIPIMER.TV  is an experimental lab of realtime audiovisual creation made with free software and opensource tools; low-fi technologies; self-learning processes; open source socio-political discourse; experimental theory. We are based in – an Art production center (Barcelona)

Baratto – Barato

Baratto (barter in Italian) -barato(cheap in spanish) is an itinerant participatory installation with the purpose of reflect on others possibilities of circulation of consumer products. The intervention Baratto-barato was first performed at the Festival “Perpetracions” (Barcelona). The installation is constituted by a room where 


In collaboration with Miriam Trost. Museo Improvisado is an intervention in public space built entirely from waste, based on the subversion of the value commonly attributed to waste and on the reflection about the role of museum as an art legitimization