Mi primer patch

36068_123700274349762_6893050_n Mi primer patch was created with minipimer.tv. It is a mural cartography produced in the framework of Hangar Taller Obert 2010. The map brings together the elements that constitute the practice of the collective by using the structure of Pure Data programming environment.

The development of the work arises from the reflectionabout the displacement of the notion of free software and open source to artistic production. Believing that in art “open the code” means to visualize the process means, mi primer patch is a artisanal cartography that speaks the language of computing and emphasizes the connection as a hub for the operation of any system.miprimerpatch_assembly


Year: 2010

Technique: pen and cardboard, printed texts, wires on wood

Dimensions: 2m x 2m36068_123700264349763_1838454_n

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