Minipimer’s filescape


Minipimer’s filescape was created with and is an installation in the exhibition SummerLAB-showcase in Laboral (Gijón) and emerges as SummerLAB 2010 memory.The installation takes the form of an infographic device that crosses and mixes the concepts of time, collage, fragmentation and subjective mapping with the construction of a narrative.img_5262 The installation arises from a work of organization and classification of  the database of videos of the live streaming of SummerLAB 2010 and consists of different analogic devices (photos, tag cloud and video) which show the multiplicity of possible arrangements that can be performed with a set of files and how such process represents just one of the possible ways to generate new narratives from a database.

The result is the construction of a map that, through the use of various forms of data visualization, shows the impossibility of generating an objective reading device within a database.img_5306 Installation

Year: 2010

Technique: video, graphite on wall, photos screenshots,pins and sewing thread

Dimensions: 12m x 3m154415_133932646659858_4053336_n

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