Evaluation methods: Combining multimodal analysis and user-as-informants

This methodological approach combines the analysis of children’s in situ interaction with the system and their retrospective reflections on the experience. To evaluate these aspects, we employ the observation, analysis, integration and interpretation of a wide range of multimodal resources. At a procedural level, this approach is based on having children interacting with the system and subsequently involve them in posterior redesign activities. Methodologically, data proceeding from in situ interaction and from the redesign activities are analyzed employing multimodal analysis. This approach showed to be effective in encompassing the experiential learning cycle of getting engaged with an experience, experimenting with it and transforming it into an object of knowledge (Kolb et al., 2001).


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Malinverni, L., Mora-Guiard, J., & Pares, N. (2016). Towards methods for evaluating and communicating participatory design: A multimodal approach. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.