Participatory Design: Intuitive actions

The Intuitive Actions Elicitation technique is based on requiring participants to invent and perform physical actions related to specific activities during the interactive experience, using a mid-tech Wizard of Oz prototype of a Full-Body Interaction Learning Environment.

This technique allows the design team to analyze how children intuitively interacted without the influence of external mediation or requests. Furthermore, it facilitates observations related to the affordances of the spatial configuration of the environment, i.e. which sensorimotor experience the interface of virtual environment evoked. We conclude that this design technique is particularly useful to confirm and refine initial ideas for physical actions by comparing the designers’ proposals with children’s intuitive interaction in an existing prototype.


Related Publications:

Malinverni, L., Schaper, M.-M.,  and Pares, N. (2016). An evaluation-driven design approach to develop learning environments based on full-body interaction. Educational Technology Research and Development. DOI=http://dx.doi:10.1007/s11423-016-9468-z