El camino bordado a mis pies

In collaboration with Cora Bellotto, supported by LaNauCoclea

According to Chinese tradition the person who carries embroidered insoles in the shoes will have good luck along the way his/her life. These small and intimate objects, hidden between the plant of the foot and the earth, relate the caring of who embroidered them for the other. Each of its points reveals the feelings of the authors who, from afar, protect the trip of the walker.

The project “El camino bordado a mis pies” took place during the GrandTour , a collective hiking trip that crosses the borders between France and Spain. During the hiking we involved the participating walkers in collecting natural elements and use them to make a prototype of an insole, which would depict their subjective experience of the walking. At the arrival in the French village of Saint Laurent de Cerdans, we contacted with the local association of embroiderers and presented our prototypes.
By collecting, mixing and reinterpreting our prototypes, the embroiderers create two insoles, which were the sum of our journeys and our encounter.