Learning through Full-Body Interaction

Or learning through the body in technologically enriched spaces.


For my PhD I’ve been researching on how novel interfaces may shape learning experiences. In particular my research focused around Full-Body Interaction interfaces, understood as interactive system that allow users to interact with digital technology through the use of their bodies and the physical space.  This kind of interaction opens promising possibilities given its capacity to involve the users at different levels, such as sensorimotor experience, cognitive aspects and affective factors.

If you want to know more about Full-body Interaction and its application in learning contexts you can read my paper: Malinverni, L., & Pares, N. (2014). Learning of Abstract Concepts through Full-Body Interaction: A Systematic Review. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 17(4), 100-116. Available at: http://www.ifets.info/journals/17_4/7.pdf