(barter in Italian) -barato (cheap in spanish) is an itinerant participatory installation with the purpose of reflect on others possibilities of circulation of consumer products. The intervention Baratto-barato was first performed at the Festival “Perpetracions” (Barcelona).

The installation is constituted by a room where  are placed objects found in the streets. Visitors were invited to take with them any objects and left there what they had at hand: this dynamic create a chain of exchanges.

The work has a corresponding blog ( where are reported the photos of the exchanged objects.baratto-1024x358


Year: 2009

Technique: participatory happening, objects found in the streets

Dimensions: 3m x 2m

Museo Improvvisato

14museoMuseo Improvvisato is an intervention in public space built entirely from waste, based on the subversion of the value commonly attributed to waste and on the reflection about the role of museum as an art legitimization device.

This piece consisted of the creation of an exhibition space from the waste found in the ground around the site of intervention.During the process each piece of waste receives a title and the intervention was concluded with the organization of a guided tour to the exhibition.

The use of waste as an object of ready-made art underline how the process of attribution of value is simply a social situated act.  16museoAt the same time the process emphasizes that our attention to the waste can be transformed by a conscious practice of evaluation.

Intervention in public space

Year: 2008

Technique: site-specifics waste, cardboard

Dimensions: variable13museo15museo12museo9museo11museo