Digital Puppetry – Centre Obert Torre Baró

During October and November 2017, we (me, Marie-Monique Schaper and Cristina Valero) worked with the “Centre Obert de Torre Baró” (Barcelona) in a project aimed at co-creating a series of fictional narratives using digital puppetry with the children of the centre

During the workshop, the children created 3 site-specific stories for their favourite places of the neighbourhood. Here, the story of It the clown trying to destroy the Font Maragall:

The project counted with the collaboration of the Centre Obert Torre Baró and the Ateneu de Fabricación Ciutat Meridiana

Interactive and Augmented Reality Narratives

Together with Marie Monique Schaper, we designed and facilitated the workshop “Augmented and Mixed Reality Narratives” for girls between 8 and 11 years old, as part of the #Girlstech Summer Camp.

The #Girlstech Summer Camp was co-organized by the American Space Barcelona and the Department of Information and Communication Technologies Engineering (ETIC) of Universitat Pompeu Fabra to support young girls’ interest in digital technology.

In the workshop, the participating girls were creating interactive, augmented and mixed reality narratives using different technologies such as Augment, Photoshop and Scratch.

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