Jocs critics – Co-designing critical games with teens

Jocs critics is an art and education project related to co-designing critical games with teenagers. The  project arises as a reflection on the values embedded in game design and as a space for discussing concerns related to the worries about the socio-economical situation of “the crisis”. The project was supported by the grant “Art & Educació – BaumannLab” and run for 3 months during 2014 in Terrassa (Barcelona). During the process,  teenagers were accompanied into different stages of  designing critical games.

First, we discussed and reflected on the ideology and values embedded in specific games, by analyzing their features and game mechanics. Second, we tried some critical games and start to  discuss social concerns related to the current socio-political situation. Third, we start to brainstorm of possible games based on specific concerns about socio-political issues. Finally, the participating teenagers started with the process of prototyping, testing and improving and finally designing their own games.

As a result of this process, three games were produced. The first game “Moving parados” address the issue of unemployment and forced mobility. The second games “Batalla casal” address issues related to housing. The third game “Cómo hacer una buena revolución?” addresses the opportunities for social changes and the risks of certain political discourses.

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