Gusho – Reactive Protective Dress

m_7181Together with Cora Bellotto we developed Gusho – the Reactive Protective Dress – a wearable technology aimed at increasing awareness about environmental issues through bodily feedback.

Through a study of the effects of electromagnetic pollution on living beings Gusho aims to visualize the presence of electromagnetic radiation while providing an adaptive, shielding system. Gusho is a reactive clothing, a sort of extension of our nervous system: when it detects a spike in electromagnetic radiations, the clothing triggers a mechanic reaction and deploys a shielding fabric that transforms it into a protective shelter. By using the material and communicative power of fashion, Gusho elicits a reflection on the impact of technologies and, by making the invisible visible, it tells us a story about the environment we all live in.m_7073-1024x682
The project was produced with the support of Fondazione D’ars

Gusho – reactive protective dress from laura malinverni on Vimeo.m_7096